Special Offers
Berg Go-Karts Rental Point

Are you looking for an attractive offer for the whole family? Consider a BERG product!
You can make your rental point as big or small as your investment opportunities and available space allow. You can rent out the go-karts per time unit of, for example, 15 minutes. BERG’s quality products require very little maintenance and can be rented out throughout the season without problem.  (we sell spares)

Seeing others having fun on BERG go-karts will encourage both young and old to go for a ride! Due to the short rental period, the toys quickly become available again for your next customer to enjoy. Receiving payment from each customer directly will ensure rapid cash flow and a quick return on your investment. So why not start today with a rental point and give customers a fantastic, active experience! Please contact us and we can put a package together to fit your budget. Rent out the small - large go karts. We also sell soft play area products this could also be hired out to parties or events and you a rental or pay as you play.

Campgrounds 2-4 seat gran tour
Want to make your campsite or holiday park even more attractive for your guests? BERG go-karts and bikes will add an extra attraction and put a big smile on the faces of both children and adults.  

You determine the rental period yourself. This can vary from one hour to one day or even an entire week. Your campground or holiday park offers the ideal surroundings to ride around safely on a go-kart.

You also determine the investment yourself. You can start with just one bike or go-kart. However, you will soon discover that this is not enough. The attraction of riding on a go-kart is so great that young and old alike will be standing in line to have a go!  We sell banner flags and accessories.

BERG go-karts and bikes are of an exceptional quality. As the strong pneumatic tyres ensure a comfortable ride and the sturdy frame guarantees stability, there is no need to worry about maintenance! BERG Go karts will last a lifetime. You could hire out the 2 seater or 4 seater gran tour they come with or without a sunroof. You could even rent out the small go karts like the rental point above. see blog for images.

Offering BERG products at your park will increase the fun, the experience, the liveliness, and customer satisfaction - That is what you want too, right? drop us an email at   

Soft Play Start-Up Business 

We sell soft play start-up packages that you could add to the above and hire out at events or parties or a rental point at events.