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3025 Garden Games Limited Wigwam
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The Wigwam Play Tent is designed to be a wonderful hideout for your child that can be used inside and out in the garden. The water resistant cotton canvas is both strong and hardwearing and means that the tent will survive all the rough and tumble that children love so much. The Wigwam stands 1.9m tall and has a diameter of 1.4m and is supported by 6 wooden poles that thread together making this play tent simple to construct and sturdy too. The canvas cover is printed with bright and colourful designs and has a Velcro door closing system that allows your child to close the door. CONSTRUCTION The wigwam comes flat packed and should take no more than 30 mins max for one adult to construct. No Tools are required. Pack contents 12 half poles = 6 x "a" sections (with hole and groove) + 6 x "b" sections (with groove only) 6 x white plastic connectors 6 x wooden ball spacers 2 x strings (1 string should bepre-threaded through canopy) 1 x Wigwam Printed Cotton Canvas INSTRUCTIONS Join 1 x "a" section to 1 x "c" section. Twist until the slot in the wood aligns with the groove in the joiner to ensure maximum strength at the joint. The hole in section "a" should be at the opposite end of the wood to section "d". Join 1 x "b" section to the free end of section "d" used in step 1 and align in the same way as step 1. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to complete the remaining 5 poles for the wigwam structure Lay the canvas on the ground wrong side facing you, and slide one pole into each elasticated loop on the seam. Make sure section "b" of the pole sits in the foot holder. Repeat for remaining poles Thread the string provided through each hole in the pole, adding a wooden ball spacer between each pole. When all the poles are threaded, tie the ends together so as to complete the loop. DO NOT PULL THIS STRING TIGHT - the knot should be tied at the end of the rope and not pulled tight - if this string is over tight the wigwam will not spread out properly at the base. You should now be able to stand the wigwam upright. As you do this pull the drawstring in the wigwam canopy tight to prevent the canopy slipping down. Tie the 2 ends of the string together. Pull each leg pole outwards to form the wigwam shape. You may need to readjust how tight you have pulled the strings in the canopy. The skirt of the wigwam will sit on the ground and when the canvas is taught you're ready to play.
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